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Error reports

1. When you begin the process of requesting the deposit of your thesis you may find you get stuck as a result of one of these situations:

  • If you owe a sum of money: you should contact
  • If you have not provided all of the documents: you should contact
  • If you receive a message that you have not registered for the review for the current academic year: you should contact
  • If you receive a message that your training activities have not been validated by your thesis supervisor / academic tutor: you should contact your thesis supervisor / academic tutor.
  • If you receive a message that the minimum period to be able to deposit your thesis has not yet passed: you should contact the coordinator of your PhD programme.
  • If you receive a message that the maximum period to be able to deposit your thesis has expired. You should consult the section 'Suspension of studies'.
  • If you receive a message saying that the deadline has passed it means that the programme software is not ready to receive the deposit. You should contact the coordinator of the PhD programme.

2. If you get a message that the file size is too big you should resave it in a lower resolution pdf file.

3. I have a Mac with a Safari browser and I don't see all the information.

  • Although the online deposit can be made with any computer, you can consult the recommended browsers at this link.
  • If your computer is a Mac, it is recommended that you install the Chrome or Firefox version for Mac OS and it will allow you to make the deposit without any incident.

4. Also consult the Frequently asked questions

If there is a computer incident that does not allow you to make the online deposit of the thesis, you must follow the following protocol:

You must send the following documentation, electronically signed, to the Doctoral School (

The doctoral student must send the thesis file to his thesis supervisor (s) and his academic tutor so that they can make the reports on the thesis. If the thesis supervisor and the academic tutor are the same person, a single report will suffice. If the student has more than one thesis supervisor, they can make the same report or do one each, but all will have to sign it.

The thesis supervisor and the academic tutor must send their reports to the PhD student. If possible, these reports should be electronically signed.

The PhD student must send an email to the coordinator of the PhD programme with a copy to the thesis supervisor and the academic tutor. This email must contain the following documentation:

  • Thesis file (maximum 50MB)
  • Thesis supervisor's report*
  • Academic tutor's report*
  • Deposit form*
  • Examining board proposal form*
  • Another file with the abstract of the thesis in Catalan, Spanish and English (maximum 600 words)
  • The model of declaration of the edition of the doctoral thesis

*You will find at the bottom of this page all the templates of the documents marked with an asterisk.

When the coordinator has received and reviewed all the documentation, and if everything is correct, he or she will validate the deposit and distribute it following the approved calendar.

Also following the calendar, the Doctoral School will approve the examining board for the defense of the thesis and will send an email to the PhD student to instruct him to pay the defense fees. From this moment on, you can send us the dissemination form with the defense data to

Once the thesis is disseminated, the doctoral student will have 3 months to defend it. After this period, if the thesis has not been defended, the deposit will expire.

If the thesis is written in a language other than Catalan, Spanish or English, please let us know. If the doctoral student is in a position to request the International Doctoral Research Component or if his thesis is a compendium of publications, please also indicate it to us.

Document templates

  • Any other documentation that the coordination of the PhD programme (Department / Institute responsible for your doctorate) deems appropriate to attach.