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What is the process that my thesis deposit application will follow?

Diagrama de flujo castellano

(Video in Spanish; click on the CC button to display the English subtitles)

This flow chart shows the process of depositing the thesis on line. The video explains (in Spanish) all the details of the process. Diagrama de flux del procés del dipòsit de la tesi online
States in which the thesis can be (alphabetical order)::
CA: application expired after 2 months without completing
CO: pending validation by the coordinator
CR: request returned to the coordinator
DC: not authorized by the coordinator
DE: application withdrawn by the doctoral student after 10 days without correcting (when in SR)
DI: pending validation by the thesis supervisor
DR: request returned to the thesis supervisor
ED: pending validation by the Doctoral School
OK: validated by the Doctoral School  
RE: application voluntarily waived by the doctoral student (when in SR)
SI: incomplete request
SR: the coordinator returns the application to the doctoral student
TD: application voluntarily withdrawn by the doctoral student (when in SI)
TR: request returned to the academic tutor
TU: pending validation by the academic tutor