Preliminary Program

9.00 – 9.15        Welcome

9.15 – 13.00      Short Presentations (15’ ea + 15’ discussion)
                          Chair: Narcís Cardoner (Hospital Parc Taulí)

                          Perinatal Mental Health
                           Title to be determined
                           Lluisa García  (Hospital Clìnic)


                           "Epidemiology of the development of defiant negativism "
                           Lourdes Ezpeleta – (UAB)

                           Autism (to be determined)

                         "Interaction between environmental factors and dopaminergic genes in response to methylphenidate in children with ADHD"
                        Antoni Ramos-Quiroga  (Hospital Universitario Vall d'Hebron)

11. 00 – 11:45   Coffee and Posters

11.45 – 13: 00   Adolescence

                         "Stress during adolescence: does its impact depend on its controlability?"
                          Roser Nadal  (UAB)

                          Title to be determined
                          Itziar Montalvo  (Hospital Parc Taulí)

                         "From efficacy to effectivity in the prevention of eating disorders:  MABIC Project”.
                          David Sánchez Carracedo  (UAB)

                         "Addictions during adolescence"
                          Francina Fonseca  (Hospital del Mar)

13:.00 – 14.30 Mesa Rodonda
                         Making child and adolescent mental health prevention a reality
                         Chair: Diego Palao (Hospital Parc Taulí)

                         Montserrat Pamias (Hospital Parc Taulí)
                         Miquel Casas (Hospital Vall d’Hebrón)
                         Víctor Pérez (Hospital del Mar)

14:30 - 14:45 Conclusiones & Cierre
                      Chair: Diego Palao (Hospital Parc Taulí)