CORES UAB Mental Health Research Network

Objectives and research lines

The mision and objectives of the Strategic Research Community in Mental Health are those of all CORE Networks, and in our case in the field of Mental Health.

Research Lines

With regards to the research carried out by our network groups, it embraces the whole Mental Health value chain. In other words, the R&D underway comprehends applications on the promotion, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and chronicity in Mental Health .
On the other hand, knowledge areas involved range from those required in basic research (neuroscience, biochemistry, molecular and cell biology and so on) to translational ones -including clinical, epidemiological and community health.

Finally, our network has three transversal lines work, which have been defined as strategic lines as they are of special interest for a high percentage of the members:

  1. Biomarkers in Mental Health.
  2. Information and communication technologies applied to Mental Health.
  3. Vulnerability factors in Psychopathology.