4th CORE Seminar in Mental Health

  November 9th, 2017
9h to 14.45h
Sala d'Actes. Pavelló Docent. Hospital Vall d’Hebron (Barcelona)
Mental Health 4.0
New technologies applied to mental health research and treatment


The 21st century brought with it a new concept of health, Health 2.0, which claimed for a paradigm shift towards more personalised medicine and which relied principally on the emerging communications technologies (smartphones, tabletes, wearables). The Mental Health sector did not remain on the sidelines and it adopted some of these new tools to use them both for therapeutic support and as prevention and health promotion tools.
In few years, this new paradigm is becoming consolidated and new methods such as the management of big databases has taken us to the concept of Health 4.0. At the same time, basic research has made it possible to create new techniques which represent a step forward in the study of the brain, allowing it to be directly manipulated not only in animal models, but also in humans.
Taking into account this rapid evolution, the objective of this year's CORE Seminar is to offer a space for all of these innovative techniques and technologies being applied today in the Mental Health field. With this in mind, the seminar will include both CORE researchers and researchers from other centres who will explain the potential of tools such as optogenetics, deep cerebral stimulation, big data, virtual reality and mHealth. These tools can help in improving the knowledge of how the brain works and the subjacent mechanisms of mental disorders, as well as offer advantages in the therapeutic field. The conferences will cover a wide range of disciplines from basic research in psychobiology and the approximation to engineering fields and clinical practices, to applications in the public health system.
At the same time, the seminar aims to foster a debate on the Mental Health 4.0 in which we are currently immersed. Issues such as the true effectiveness of these tools, the relevance of the evaluation of these technologies, the consideration of the differential characteristics of Mental Health when developing and implementing mHealth tools and the translation of basic research findings to humans will be debated at the end of the seminar with a group of experts and with the participation of the audience.

Once finalized the CORE Seminar we could join into a technological Show Room organized by the Catalan Mental Health Cluster, we will share more details very soon.

The Scientific Committee