CORES UAB Mental Health Research Network

CORE Mental Health Seminars

The incidence of mental pathology is continually growing today and accounts for an important economic and social burden – even greater than that of other chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases or cancer. Mental Health is and will continue to be in the future, a crucial challenge for the European population and as such needs to be tackled from various fronts with research efforts at the forefront.

In this sense the Strategic Research Community (CORE) in Mental Health has been established to effectively articulate the human resources and capacities within the Universitat Autònoma Campus and its Partner Hospitals and Research Centres, with the aim of generating and promoting networking, sharing resources and information and coordinating actions required to effectively boost projects that may advance knowledge in the field and promote transfer of results into society and industry.
The CORE-Seminar Series are an open forum for scientific discussions on specific issues in mental health research.

The strategic goals envisaged for these CORE-Seminars are the following:

  1. To favor synergies between the researchers in the Sphere UABCIE Mental Health Research Network (CORE) with other Catalan research groups working in Mental Health from various disciplines and perspectives, aiming at creating new multidisciplinary collaborations, strengthening existing networks and overall increasing the visibility of local mental health research groups. 
  2. To foster transference of know-how and dialogue between key scientists in the field and students (researchers in training)
  3. To enhance the translational potential of research (from bench to bed and from bed to bench) in mental health, by connecting those groups doing basic research with groups doing clinical research.