2nd CORE-Seminar in Mental Health - 4th November

Mortality due to suicide is a major public health problem, which has been increasing worldwide in recent years. It has been calculated that every year around one million people commit suicide and the WHO estimates that in 2020 suicide will account for 2,4% of the total burden of disease in developed countries. Of special concern is the fact that it is one of the first causes of death among young people.  Unfortunately, mortality only represents the tip of the iceberg, as statistics do not take into account autolytic attempts even though it is estimated that for every death, 20 attempts take place.

Studies have demonstrated that prevention policies in suicide are effective and have a positive impact on the reduction of mortality.  It is also known that mental pathologies are a risk factor in the Western world and are thus a focus of attention for prevention.
This second CORE Seminar, Etiology, Intervention and Prevention of Suicide, will offer a space in which to discuss the most recent research findings related to this public health concern, informing viable innovative solutions and hopefully shedding some light on the problem.
The seminar will be held on the 4th Nov during a morning session, with a series of short talks on innovative research projects, and will end with more strategic interventions discussing challenges for the future.
An extended coffee-break is expected to give room to productive interactions between all participants, and will also serve as a moment to walk around the Poster Session, which is expected to attract a wide range of entries from both undergraduate students and postdoctoral fellows.
After the seminar is over, Dr. Víctor Pérez will offer a workshop for health professionals – mainly family doctors – who have to face the interaction and treatment of high-suicide-risk patients in their daily work.