Updating the bibliography of the teaching guides

Imatge d'una pissarra i una pila de llibres sobre una taula

Updating the bibliography of the teaching guides we aim to guarantee current resources for students.


Every year, with the opening of the teaching guide review period, we get to work. Our goal is to ensure that all students have access to the materials recommended by faculty. How do we do it? We carefully review the books and articles added to the teaching guides, and make sure they are updated.

Regarding those documents that are not yet available, the UAB Library Service will take care of their purchasing. Thus, students will have at their disposal a complete and updated bibliography for each subject. And not only that: we will facilitate access to the materials through links on the subject's online classroom and also from the recommended bibliography Search engine.

With this initiative we aim to improve the academic experience of students and promote improved and more informed learning.

Your review of the teaching guides is essential to carry out this task!

For any doubts please contact us using the Pregunt@ form.

This information is related to the following SDG

  • Quality education