What is new in Royal Decree 99/2011?

The UAB is adapting its PhD programmes to the new regulations under Royal Decree 99/2011 on PhD studies. For this reason within the PhD offer at the UAB there are already programmes that have been verified under this new decree. The remaining programmes are also being verified by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. The fact that a PhD has already been adapted means that students enrolling for the first year will do their PhD under the new regulations. You will find the specification "Nou RD 99/2011" after the name of the adapted programmes on the UAB's list of PhDs.

The main differences between the new regulations and the previous legal framework are:
  • Supervision and monitoring of PhD activities that you need to do.
  • Emphasis on personal responsibilities, with the signature of a commitment document by students, directors, tutors and coordinators of the PhD programme.
  • Academic Committees and Schools of Doctoral Studies: each PhD programme has an academic committee, which is the managing body for the programme. The School of Doctoral Studies coordinates all PhD programmes at the UAB.
  • Maximum duration of PhD studies, with the possibility of part-time and full-time dedication
  • International Doctoral Research Component: the old European doctoral research component is being made international and allows research periods in any country.
  • Composition of thesis examining boards: a change here is that members must be PhDs who are external to the UAB and to institutions collaborating in the programme.
  • Protection of confidential data for those theses that involve ongoing patent applications