Legal procedures for students from the European Union

Professors and students who are EU citizens have no legal formalities to complete before coming to Spain.

After arriving, please visit UAB's International Support Service, located at the Plaça Cívica of the Bellaterra Campus, where you will receive a Welcome Pack with information that will help you get settled.

All students belonging to a European Union or European Economic Area member state, as well as the Swiss Confederation, and who intend to reside in Spain for a period of time longer than three months must register at the Central Registry Office for Foreigners (Registro Central de Extranjeros) in order to be issued a certificate of registration and an identity number for foreigners (NIE - Número de Identificación de Extranjeros).

The certificate of registration must be obtained  at the National Police Station of your place of residence.

The documents you will need to provide are the following:

- Two photocopies of the registration form (EX18)
- A valid passport or national identity card (original and one photocopy)
-Original and copy of your registration or admission letter
-Medical Insurance
-Sworn statement of having economic means during your stay in Spain

At the International Support Service we will provide you with more information about the documents you need to present and the address of the police station closest to your place of residence.

For more information:
International Support Service (ISS)
Building Biblioteca de Comunicació and Hemeroteca General, Plaça Cívica
Tel. + 34 93 581 22 10
Fax + 34 93 586 80 25

Office hours:
Monday to Friday, from 9.30am to 3pm