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PhD Type Number of students New RD 99/2011
Aquaculture Interuniversity 8
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biomedicine UAB PhD 30
Biodiversity Interuniversity 15
Bioinformatics Interuniversity 7
Biotechnology UAB PhD 15
Cellular Biology UAB PhD 10
Chemistry UAB PhD 40
Electrochemistry. Science and Technology Interuniversity 5
Environmental Science and Technology UAB PhD 30
Genetics UAB PhD 10
Geology UAB PhD 10
History of Science Interuniversity 25 (15 UAB & 10 UB)
Materials Science UAB PhD 35
Mathematics UAB PhD 12
Microbiology UAB PhD 10
Physics UAB PhD 25
Plant Biology and Biotechnology UAB PhD 18
Terrestrial Ecology UAB PhD 10