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Frequently asked questions

If my thesis has published articles associated with it or if it is a compendium thesis with articles published in non-restricted  or restricted journals, how should I deposit it? And how can I make the articles available to the members of the examination panel?

If the journal is open access and the authors or research group have paid the journal for open access, the complete article can be deposited as part of the thesis.

For non-open access journals, the DOI of the work and may optionally include the previous version before the author’s rights were ceded to the journal. Care should be taken however to ensure the content in the same.

The only copies which should contain the complete text are those to be received by the panel of examiners of the thesis. The pdf file for TDX/TESEO should be prepared in line with the information above.

For more information, check this link of our Libraries Service.

In this webpage you will find a collection of the most frequently asked questions which can offer information and advice about intellectual property and open access, which carried no legal status on the part of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. You can access the information by doing a search or browsing the subject specific folders.

You can also check the open sicence portal and the webpage on data protection.

The copy of your thesis that you deposit may not be substituted, under any circumstances, for a different one once the dissemination of the thesis has been carried out by the Doctoral School.


On this page you will find information about Creative Commons licenses.


Yes, if the article is not included in your thesis and as long as the commission of your PhD programme authorizes it.