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Applying for admission to a UAB-specific master's degree or graduate diploma is easy. You can find all the information of how to do it, on what dates and necessary documentation in each programme’s own website: see the full catalogue of UAB-specific masters’ degrees and graduate diplomas.

To apply for admission, you need to fulfill an application process (some coordinators or affiliated centres may speak of "admission application" or "registration": they are different terminology to refer to the same process).

The admission process may be substantially different depending on whether the master or graduate diploma is managed by the UAB or through an affiliated or associated centre. We recommend that you follow the instructions you'll find in the section "Admission" within each master's or graduate diploma’s website (see the offer of Masters and Graduate Diplomas).

The admission application process allows you to apply for a place in the programme during the time periods established for each one, which you can check in each programme’s website (UAB-specific masters' degrees and graduate diplomas). In the event that there are available places, once the final date of eligibility is over, the coordination may lengthen it.

The documentation required for admission to any master's degree or graduate diploma is:

  • University bachelor degree or comparable (if still pending, please click here).
  • Academic record.
  • DNI, TIE or passport.

Additionally, the coordination can request more specific documentation such as resumee or cover letter. Check the programme’s website to confirm the required documentation (UAB-specific masters’ degrees and graduate diplomas).

Application for any master’s degree or graduate diploma managed from the UAB involves the payment of a fixed rate of € 30.21 (non-refundable and not included in the programme’s price).

You must apply online:

  • Online application:

    The online application for admission is done through the online application interface you will find in the "Admission" section in each programme’s website (catalogue of UAB-specific masters’ degrees and graduate diplomas).

    To perform the online application you have to consider:

    The application interface will prompt you to upload the required documentation. We recommend you scan it previously to have it ready.

    To apply you need a NIU (Number of Personal University Identification at UAB). Choose the appropriate option in your case:

    • Application with NIU: If you are or have been a student at the UAB and remember your NIU and password, go directly to the application interface.
    • Application without NIU: If you are not a UAB student, or cannot remember your NIU and password, you must first create or retrieve your NIU and then you will be able to apply.

    > If you choose to pay by POS (card), you will need to complete payment within the application process.

    Online application tutorial:

    Online application tutorial

    Tutorial for the NIU obtention (in Spanish):

    Tutorial for the NIU obtention


If you have any doubts, please send us an email to, indicating your full name and the study code from the programme you are interested in.


In the case of master's degrees and/or graduate diplomas carried out in centres affiliated to UAB, you must consult the programme's own website in order to know the enrolment procedure full.

If in doubt, consult with the coordination of the programme: just fill out the request form you will find in each masters' or graduate diplomas' own website (see the full catalogue of UAB-specific masters' degrees and graduate diplomas).