Non-EU degree

To be considered an eligible candidate in good standing for admission to a graduate programme, you must hold a bachelor´s degree or comparable (if still pending, consult the section ''Pending Degree'', which is more down below in the same drop-down menu), i.e.:

  • A university degree equivalent to an EHEA undergraduate qualification (minimum 180 ECTS credits/3 academic years)

Documents you must submit on paper:
  • Copy of your DNI/TIE/Passport
  • Certified copy of your official duly validated university degree, issued by the competent authorities.  You may bring us the original and a copy, and we will certify it for you.
  • Certified copy of your official duly validated transcript, issued by the competent authorities, listing the period in academic years, subjects taken, credits earned and grades obtained.
  • All documentation issued in Catalan, Spanish or English is accepted. Regarding the documentation issued in French, Italian or Portuguese, the translation may be filed through the UAB Language Service. The interested person should take over management and expenses entailed. In all other cases, it is necessary to attach the translation into Catalan, Spanish or English, made by a sworn translator, or by a diplomatic or consular representation of the Spanish State abroad, or by the diplomatic or consular representation in Spain of the country the applicant is a national.

If you are a foreign student taking courses on campus, you must also submit a copy of your TIE. If you have not obtained it yet by the time of registration, please submit it as soon as you get it.

Many programmes allow the online admission when providing this scanned documentation. If you obtain admission and enrol, you will need to send your certified documents by postal mail or to come in person with the certified documentation, or with the original one (in which case we will certify it for you). You can do it at the User Information Office, Graduate School.  Contact information and office hours.

More information about validating academic documents: 

You must submit your university degree duly validated or legalized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. Validation of a documents is based on the agreement subscribed between Spain and the issuing country: 

  • All other countries: the documents must be stamped by all three: 
    • Ministry of Education of the issuing country
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the issuing country
    • Spanish diplomatic authorities to that country (embassy, consulate, etc.)