Open Access

Theses articles by compendium

                Articles de tesis per compendi 

The UAB, at the proposal of the Open Access Commission, takes a further step in its commitment to open knowledge by deploying a new measure through the UAB Academic Regulations. This measure addresses the accessibility of articles used for theses by compendium.

Begining in the 2024-2025 academic year, doctoral students will be required to submit to the UAB Digital Repository of Documents (DDD) the article version allowed by the publisher.

You can get this information by checking:

  • The publisher/journal's website
  • The Sherpa Romeo database, with information on editorial policies regarding self-archiving of journal articles.

You must deposit the articles in the Digital Repository of Documents (DDD) immediately after publication, through this form. Even if the publisher requires an embargo for publication, the Library Service:

  • Will place an embargo on the file during the period required by the publisher.
  • Will verify that the version of the submitted article (preprint, postprint, or publisher version) is authorized by the publisher. Otherwise the Library Service will contact you.
  • Will review the rest of the information and, once everything is found to be correct, will approve the publication of the article. You will automatically receive in your UAB email the permanent URL of the article, which you must indicate in the online deposit application.

No. There are publishers who allow authors of articles published in closed journals to include them in their thesis as long as they are not made available in the published form. That's why you need to check out What is the version of the article that the editor allows me to publish in the DDD?

In this case, go to your reference library, which will carry out the relevant checks and deliver a document stating it. This document must be delivered to the online deposit application.

Yes. If you are not writing a thesis by compendium of publications or if you deposit it before the 2024-2025 academic year, you can voluntarily deposit the articles you have published during your doctoral programme in the DDD.

Check the funding for open access publishing that the  University offers you to see if the UAB has any agreement or discount with the publisher of the journal where you want to publish. If this is the case and you get the article funded, the version you will have to deposit in the DDD will always be the final version of the article.

Versions of the article: always keep all versions of the article: submitted version, preprint, revised version (accepted, postprint) and published version. The version of the document that can be published in a repository is conditioned by the publisher's copyright and self-archiving policy.

Publication in the DDD: immediately following publication deposit the article in the DDD at least 2 months before depositing the thesis.

Contact your reference library through Pregunt@