Open Access


Depositing research in institutional repositories entails diverse benefits:  

For the researcher

  • Increase the impact of research results: more citations
  • Content and data reutilization
  • More equitable management of copyright, allowing authors to retain ownership of rights and set the conditions of use
  • Have data on the use of the contents
  • Deposit all types of documents and in multiple formats

Download the brochure on the benefits for groups and research centers.

For the University
  • Reflect the research activity of the institution
  • Increase the visibility of the institution and improve the positioning in the university rankings and in the search engines
  • Guarantee of access and long-term digital preservation of the intellectual heritage of the university

For the society
  • Universal access to scientific information
  • Render accounts of public investment in research
  • Streamline knowledge transfer and help reduce the digital divide in access to scientific information between countries