Open Access

What is it?

Open Access to scientific information consists in publishing and/or depositing scientific production on the web without giving up exploitation rights to third parties, guaranteeing free access and facilitating the reuse of contents. It constitutes the alternative to the traditional payment system to access scientific information, usually through the subscription to magazines. 
International declarations on Open Access


Deposite in repositories (Green OA)
The deposit in repositories (self-archiving) guarantees access and long-term preservation. There are several options: 

  • UAB Digital Repository of Documents (DDD), the institutional repository that compiles, manages, preserves and disseminates the scientific, educational and institutional production of the university. The PDI can deposit its research production from the self-archiving forms or from the EGRETA application. More information.     
  • Recercat, the repository of the Research of Catalonia, where you can consult the research literature of the universities and research centers of Catalonia.
  • TDX, the thesis repository of several Spanish universities. The UAB, through the Postgraduate School, incorporates the theses read in this deposit.
  • Others: There are a multitude of institutional and/or thematic repositories. We recommend that you consult the OpenDoar Open Access repository directory.

Publish in open access journals (Gold OA)
Some publications openly disseminate all their contents, you can check the titles at DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals).
 For Hispanic magazines consult RedIB (before E-journals) or Redalyc. And we also recommend the REDI service of the UAB.

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