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Open Education

Open education is a concept that seeks to transform the traditional paradigms of teaching and learning. It is based on the use of open, free and accessible educational resources, as well as on the application of student-centered pedagogical practices.  

In open education, the freedom to share and reuse educational materials is promoted through the use of open licenses. This means that educational resources, such as textbooks, articles, videos and presentations, are made available to the public so that they can be used, modified and freely distributed. This approach encourages collaboration and active participation by the educational community in the creation and dissemination of knowledge. 

A key aspect of open education is its orientation towards the student. We want to place emphasis on adapting educational experiences to the needs, interests and style of learning of each student. This involves the personalization of resources, activities, and evaluations to address the various ways students learn. 

In this scenario, technology must help overcome barriers to access to education. Online platforms and digital tools are used to offer courses and educational materials to a wide audience, regardless of the geographic location or personal circumstances of students. This opens up new opportunities for lifelong learning and allows collaborative learning in virtual communities.

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