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The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in its commitment to open access goes a step further by creating the Open Access Commission.

Constitution:  the 21st of June 2013 was established the UAB’s Open Access Commission commissioned by the Vice-Rectorate for Research.

  • Vice-Rector for Research and Transfer
  • Vice-Rector for Innovation and Strategic Projects
  • Rector's Commissioner for TIC
  • Deputy Executive Administrator for Research
  • Information and Communications Technologies Manager
  • Publishing Service Director
  • Library Services Director
  • Law Services Member
  • Teaching and Research Staff members
  • Library Service members
  • Manager of the International Project Office

Functions: Open Access Commission acts as the "Open Access Advisory Council and UAB Digital Repository of Documents”. Its main functions are:

  • To study and develop the Action Plan to Open Access at the UAB prepared by the Library Service in accordance with the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona open access institutional policy approved by the decision of the Commission of Inquiry no. 14/2012 on 16th February and the Governing Council, no. 46/2012 on April 25th
  • To study and define an institutional positioning on open access
  • To study how open access affect national and European projects

The Action Plan for Open Access at the UAB: The plan is the Commission roadmap detailing the actions to perform at UAB promoting open access. Among the actions already achieved include:

  • Preparation and approval of the Institutional Mandate
  • Preparation and approval of the institutional open access policy for UAB research data
  • Signing of the Berlin Declaration
  • The incorporation of ORCID at the UAB
  • Preparation of the document: Creative Commons licenses recommended at the UAB
  • UAB journals open access
  • Connect DDD with the Research Report
  • Establish procedures to incorporate self-archiving documents and datasets in DDD
  • Create a blog on Intellectual Property and Open Access for members of the university community.
  • Establish the conditions for the open publication of research data from research projects from the UAB to the DDD.
  • Organization of events during the Open Access Week and the Open Education Week.

Link to documents within the UAB scope: