The Faculty's history

History of the Faculty of Education (UAB)

The Faculty of Education was founded in 1992, as the result of merging former Sant Cugat Teachers College and the Pedagogy Section of the Faculty of Arts (UAB). Sant Cugat Teachers College had been created in 1972 and its mission was to provide pre-service training to Early Year Teachers and Primary Class teachers. The college offered primary teachers the possibility of specialising as Teachers of English, of Social Sciences of Mathematics and of Science. Sant Cugat Teachers College was also committed to in-service education and offered teachers and educators a vast range of postgraduate courses and diplomas. As part of their regular activities, College lecturers carried out innovation and research activities, whose results were published locally, nationally and internationally. The Faculty of Arts created its Pedagogy Section in 1973 with the objective of offering graduates the possibility of taking part in pre-service training courses addressed to pedagogues, that is, educators responsible for tasks such as school inspection, assessment or in-service teacher training. Lecturers in the Pedagogy Section also organised teacher training courses, conducted research programmes and published educational articles and books.

In 1992 the Ministry of Education of the Spanish Government asked universities to group all studies devoted to education into a single establishment. This is when the Faculty of Education was founded. Initially it offered nine undergraduate courses: Early Years Education, Primary Education, Primary Education (specialisation in Teaching Students with Special Needs), Primary Education (specialisation in Teaching Foreign Languages), Primary Education (specialisation in Teaching Music), Primary Education (specialisation in Teaching Physical Education), Social Education and Pedagogy and Educational Psychology. These courses were replaced by BA studies in academic year 2009-2010.

Currently, our Faculty offers the following undergraduate courses:

Our courses for graduates include the following: 

We also have a PhD Programme developed jointly by the five departments adjoined to our Faculty: