Administrative structure

The Chief Administrator of the Faculty is nominated by the University Administrative Manager, in accordance with Article 176 (University Statutes). She is responsible for the management of the Faculty’s finances and of the Administrative teams:

•    Information Point & Logistical Support Service
•    Registrar’s Office
•    Finance Office
•    ICT Resource Service
•    Multimedia Resource Service
•    Laboratories

Chief Administrator: Isabel Durban García
Telephone number: 93 581 16 30
E-mail address:

Secretary: Mònica Andrés Estasen
Telephone number: 93 581 27 02
E-mail address:

Suport logístic i Punt d'Informació
The Information Point & Logistical Support Service of The Faculty of Education has its office on the ground floor of two of our buildings: G5 & G6.

Opening hours:
September - June: Weekdays 8am-9pm
During Easter and Christmas holidays the service is closed

July: Weekdays 8am-8pm
August: First and second week: 8am-2pm
The service is closed on the second & third weeks in August.

Locker Services
Students can use the lockers during the day, from 8am to 8pm. They are located on the ground floor of building G% and on the first floor of building G6.

•    General Information of the Faculty (scheduling of classes and activities, location of classrooms & other facilities, location of teachers’ offices, etc.9
•    General Information about the University.
•    Submission/Collection of assignments in paperwork format.
•    Emergencies & First Aid Box
•    Lost property

Telephone number: 93 581 18 34

E-mail address:


The Academic Support Service maintains the permanent academic records of all students and is responsible for conducting administrative and academic suport tasks to both teachers and students. The office is located on building G5 (ground floor).

Telephone number: 93 581 26 86

E-mail: address:


Despatx de Gestió Econòmica

This service is responsible for the Faculty's financial administration, including those concerning departments, teaching units and research centres. It also administers the finances of the Faculty Students’ Union and payments linked to the development of cultural activities.

    Office G5-036
    Telephone number: 93 581 14 31
    E-mail address:

The Faculty ICT Resource Service provides technical support to computer equipment users in the Faculty (teachers, students, researchers, and administrative staff). 

    Office: G6 building (1st floor)

    Telephone number: 935811432/ 935811585

    E-mail address:

Computer Rooms

The service offers 5 computer rooms equipped with a total of 128 PCs with Internet connection.

Opening hours: Mondays to Fridays (8:30am -8:30pm)

Room 1 is of free access all day long.
Rooms 2, 3 &4 only have free access when there are no lessons scheduled.

How to contact:

Cargo  Nombre Horario  Extensión  Email
Jefa  Isabel Castellano 09 a 17h.     1432
T. mitjà  Josep Mª Montraveta 14 a 21h.     1585
Técnico  Ingrid Sánchez 14 a 21h.     1585
Técnico  Joan Manel Cuartero 09 a 17h.     1585
Técnico  Montse Prieto 08 a 15h.     1432




Fotografia dels membres del Servei.

The Multimedia Resource Services offers support to lecturers, researchers, research groups and research centres.


    Office: G6 building (2nd floor)
    Telephone number: 93 581 22 60

E-mail address:


The Faculty of Educational Sciences has three laboratories dedicated to teaching the subjects offered by the Faculty and related to the Experimental Sciences.

The Laboratory of Experimental Sciences has as its main mission to offer a space of quality for the experimental teaching of the subjects offered by the Faculty and that they request it.

To use the Laboratory, it is essential to know and respect the operating, safety and hygiene standards. To get in touch with your professors or direct you directly to the technicians of the Laboratory.

Tel .: 93 581 13 33
Electronic address: