Government bodies

Government authorities

The Regulations for the Faculty of Education (article 85, statutes), establishes that The Academic Board is its principle body of academic governance. The Academic Board is made up executive and non-executive (elected) members (teachers, students and non-academic staff) from across the institution. The Academic Board determines the structure and functions of Faculty Board (article 85.2, statutes).

The Faculty board constitutes the primary forum for the discussion and resolution of academic matters within the faculty. 

List of members

The Faculty Board includes several Committees:

•    Undergraduate Education Committee (list of members)
•    Postgraduate Education Committee (list of members)
•    Budget & Services Committee (list of members)
•    Quality Assurance Committee

The Dean of the Faculty is the Head of Faculty Management Team and the Chair of the Academic Board and the Chair Faculty Board. The dean is also responsible for appointing the Directors of Studies.