Dean's message

Dean's Saludation

About to start the academic year 2020-2021 on behalf of the deanship team, the degree coordinators and all the teachers and non-teaching staff of the Faculty of Education Sciences, we welcome you to your now faculty.

Education is recognized as one of the basic pillars of any society and for that, you must congratulate yourself because you have decided to pursue university studies and also for your option to prepare for a profession linked to education; a profession that implies a great responsibility, but at the same time gives many satisfactions.

I am grateful that you have chosen the Faculty of Education Sciences of the UAB to train you. It has an ambitious educational project, with innovative methodologies and professional practices in training centers, which will allow you to acquire the professional skills necessary to face the challenges and responsibilities that education entails. You are incorporated into a dynamic university community that maintains the will to continue to be one of the most valued centers, both in the national and European context, with which it affects teaching, innovation and research. The professionals that work here are people who are committed to education, and their future challenges are the involvement in their training within the framework of a public and quality university.

This year, we will continue to work on the consolidation of the singular projects begun years ago, such as the Primary Education Degree in English, the simultaneity of Infantil + Primaria, the project of linguistic competence, the specific projects of pedagogy and education professionalisation Social and internationalization programs of professional practices.
Likewise, we will continue to work in the Master's in Education Research (MURE) and in a number of official and professional master's degrees that are carried out at the faculty.
However, this course is particularly important for three very specific reasons: a) elections have been held with Dean and with them a renewed program of action is expected; b) the Strategic Plan 2016-2021 is maintained and with it the commitment to academic excellence, the improvement of the educational context and the close connection with the internal and external environment of the Faculty; and c) initiate revision processes linked to maintaining and improving the positive accreditation of degrees.
The university community has, in this regard, challenges to achieve and also opportunities to strengthen itself as a collective project at the service of people and the country.

Finally, I hope that this course will allow you to achieve your goals. The faculty and technicians of the Faculty assume the responsibility to work at your side to offer you the tools you need to become good professionals.

Have a good course!

Joaquín Gairín Sallán
Faculty of Education Sciences