Before your arrival


Your home university has to nominate you according to the exchange agreement, the available spots and study area signed with UAB.

If you want to come to UAB during the First semester or the Full year, your nomination should be received the 15th of Mayat the latest. To come during the Second semester, your nomination should be received the 1st of November at the latest.

You need to submit our online exchange application at (Mobility and Exchange\ INcoming students - Signing  up and application form). You should fill out the application with the same information we received in the nomination and within the following application periods:

  • First semester or full year: from the 1st of March to the 31th of May (starting in September)
  • Second semester: from the 1st of October to the 15th of November (starting in February)

It is VERY IMPORTANT to register with your passaport number (the one you are going to travel with). Please note that you will not be able to change this number after the registration process, and it will be the number used to issue your acceptance letter.

The students accepted will receive by e-mail an admission letter and a document containing useful information for their future stay at UAB. This process can take some weeks or months, depending on the date you filled out the application and other specificities of the nomination.

Permanent admission is conditional on the approval of the Learning Agreement by the Faculty the student is going to be enrolled at.

Once you receive your acceptance letter, you will be required to fill your provisional learning agreement. To fill this document, you can check the website in order to find the suitable subjects for you. This is a provisional document, final subjects selection will be done once you arrive at UAB when you will be able to check the, the level of the courses, the availability…

The course schedule is fixed during July and there is no possibility to change the semester of the courses. Furthermore, the exams are also established in January and June. In case you have to leave earlier, you can try to agree it with the professor, but it is only accepted under very exceptional situations.
You should send the Learning Agreement to our Exchange Office at the following deadline:

  • Before 20 July for incoming students at 1st semester or the whole year
  • 15th December for incoming students at 2nd semester

As an exchange student you can choose among the following courses.

  • Catalan is the majority working language in classroom; however there are some subjects taught in Spanish.
  • Group 71 is taught in English language
  • Exchange students can only enrol  annual subjects if they are coming for the whole year.
  • M.A  and PhD. degree programme classes cannot be taken by incoming undergraduate exchange Students

The University Village (Vila Universitària) is strategically located on campus and offers comfortable accommodation for students. If you visit the web of the Vila Universitària you will find the reservation form for apartments/rooms in the Campus hall of residence or a flat/room in any of the towns close to the Bellaterra Campus.
There are plenty of other accommodation options off campus such as rooms or flats to let with other students. These websites can help you in your search:
BARCELONA HOUSING SERVICE FOR STUDENTS (apartments, rooms, flats for rent, hostels, halls of residence)
SECRETARIA DE JOVENTUT (Left Menu HABITATGE: Servei de Borsa Jove d’Habitatge)
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