Before going back home


Usually everybody needs a Letter of Confirmation proving the length of the exchange (starting and finishing date). Check with your home university if they have a form we should use. If not we can use the UAB one. You should inform the International Relations Office 15 working days before you leave in order to get the certificate. You can have this only 7 days before your departure.


The studies completed at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona will automatically appear in a transcript of academic records. The transcript includes information about completed courses, grades and ECTS credits, etc. The credits will appear in the transcript only after a course is completed and graded. This takes a few weeks, e.g. after an exam. 

The transcript of records will be delivered by post to the home university within the following periods:
- Students who completed their study period on the 1st semester:  within March
- Students who completed their study period on the 2nd semester:  within July or September
Please notice that you only get the marks for the courses completed.