Before going back home


Usually everybody needs a Letter of Confirmation proving the length of the exchange (starting and finishing date). Check with your home university if they have a form we should use. If not we can use the UAB one. You should inform the International Relations Office 15 working days before you leave in order to get the certificate. You can have this only 7 days before your departure.



Once the evaluation activities period ends, the lecturer in charge of the course will issue the final grades (including any modifications which may occur during the revision period) through the channels established by the university, and will proceed to process all final results. 

Grades given at the UAB are based on a 0-10 scale, with only one decimal place. A subject is passed if you receive a minimum grade of 5.0.

Description of grades


The studies completed at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona will automatically appear in an Electronic Personal Academic Certificate. The transcript includes information about completed courses, grades and ECTS credits. 

After an exchange at UAB students will receive a Transcript of Records. The certificate is written in three languages (within the same document): Catalan, Spanish and English. The transcripts will be emailed to the student and the coordinator at the sending institution no later than 5 weeks after the completion of the exchange.

The electronic certificate is signed digitally, and its authenticity can be validated through the Electronic Office via the link at the foot of the document and also through the QR code on the bottom right of the same document.

You can save the document as a PDF-file and forward it as attachment to email.