Official Master's Degree in Teaching in Secondary Schools, Vocational Training and Language Centres


The master's degree in Teaching in Secondary Schools, Vocational Training Centres and Language Schools has a professional orientation and is a required qualification for teachers in compulsory and uppersecondary education, and in vocational training, replacing the old certificate of teaching aptitude (CAP).

It is aimed at students who have a university diploma, or a bachelor's degree, and who want to teach in secondary or vocational education. Access to the various teaching specialisations of the master's degree depends on the qualifications needed to join the different teaching bodies.

In accordance with the resolutions of the Department of Education, which manages access to the pool of supply teachers in secondary and vocational education, it is necessary for applicants to have a bachelor's degree in a subject area related to that of the master's specialisation they wish to take.

The bachelor's degree must have been issued by a university from the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). In the case of degrees from universities outside the EHEA, these must belong to an educational level equivalent to the corresponding official degree programmes in Spain, and must be valid for access to postgraduate studies in the issuing country.

To see other universities' specialisations please visit the following page.

Please visit this link to check the correlation between specialisations and university degrees needed to be admitted (Department of Education).

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Career options

This Master's degree must be completed by those wishing to work as teachers in the different levels of secondary education and replaces the courses offered until now (CAP and CCP). Therefore, it is the only way to qualify as a secondary education teacher both in state-run and private schools.

The main objective of this Master's degree is to train students as secondary education teachers, i.e. professionals equipped to teach the subjects pertaining to their discipline, be that in the fields of science, social sciences, languages or the humanities, helping them acquire the skills needed to educate and tutor learners.

Recomanem als alumnes amb estudis de fora de l’Espai Europeu d’Educació Superior sense la titulació d’accés al màster homologada que us poseu  en contacte amb el Col·legi Professional corresponent per conèixer els requisits necessaris per exercir professionalment a l’estat espanyol.

We recommend that students with qualifications from outside the European Higher Education Area and who have not yet homologated their qualifications contact the corresponding Professional Association for information on the requirements to work professionally in Spain.

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Teaching timetable


Official UAB

210 vacants
Classroom-based learning
Part-time or full-time:
Full-time (mornings or afternoons, depending on the specialisation)
Credits: 60 ECTS
Beginning of the pre-enrolment period 09/09/2019
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Pre-enrolment closed
Price: €41.17 per credit (EU citizens and non-EU holding a Spanish residence permit). 2019/20 Academic year.
€66 per credit (non-EU citizens who do not hold a Spanish residence permit). 2019/20 Academic year.
Course begins on 02/10/2019
Faculty: Faculty of Education
Language: Catalan, Spanish and English

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