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Trainee research staff

Meet the team

Carla Alfonso Martín

Carla Alfonso Martin


Degree in Neuroscience (King's College London, United Kingdom) and Master in Psychology of Physical Activity and Sport (UAB). A member of the Lifestyle, Sport and Health Research Group, he currently undertaken her Phd studies in the Doctoral Programme on Health and Sport Psychology.  Her main areas of interest are the study of the variability of heart rate, sleep and the balance between stress-recovery in athletes and the general population.

Ivan Bonilla

Iván Bonilla Gorrindo


Graduate in Psychology (University of Barcelona) and Master in Psychology of Physical Activity and Sport (UAB). He has worked with different clubs and organizations at the national level in the world of e-sports (electronic sports). He is currently working on his thesis entitled "Tilt in sports: Conceptualization, measurement and proposed intervention". His research interests are e-sports and psychological skills related to performance and well-being.

Maria Garcia Sola

Marina Garcia Solà

Graduate in Psychology and Master in Psychology of Physical Activity and Sport by the UAB. A member of the Sport Psychology Study Group, he currently works as a Specialist Technician in Research Support. The main areas of interest are: the dual career and its management, women's sport and the equality of the most vulnerable groups within the world of sport (e.g., LGTBIQ +, Women).   

José Tomás Mejias

José Tomás Mejias Riquelme


Graduate in Psychology at the University of Chile and Master in Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity at the UAB. He is currently doing his PhD on Dual Career for vulnerable athletes. His research experience consists of participating in a European project (ECO-DC) and a national project (HeDuCa), both as member of the UAB Sport and Exercise Psychology Research Group (GEPE).

Lídia Ordeix

Lídia Ordeix Cordón


Predoctoral Researcher at the UAB. Graduate in Psychology and Master in Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity at the same university. She has been a player, coach and currently Sports Psychologist in women's football. Her current research interests focus on the sport and the role that coaches play in it.


Ping Li


Luís Sánchez

Luis Sánchez López

Documentation / History

Degree in History from the UAB (2011) and Master's in Archiving and Document Management from ESAGED (2013). Currently doing his PhD on Olympic legacy through the archives. The thesis is directed by Dr. Pilar Cid and within the doctoral program in Comparative, Political and Social History. As a sports historian, he carried out research on sport in the 1930s. He is currently working at the Center for Olympic and Sports Studies Joan Antoni Samaranch.

Rocio Zamora

Rocio Zamora Sole


Graduate in Psychology (Universidad de Flores, Argentina) and Master in Psychology of Physical Activity and Sport (UAB). Member of the Research Group in Sport and Exercise Psychology (GEPE), currently works as a research support technician. Her main areas of interest are sports career transitions, dual career management and the development of adapted sports.

Zesheng Yang

Zesheng Yang


Zesheng Yang is a PhD student at UAB. He received a Master degree in mass communication at Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information at Singapore Nanyang Technological University(2017). He has worked in several media outlets and international sports organizations. Now he works at the Beijing Organising Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. His doctoral thesis focuses on multi-screen and social TV viewing of sports mega events in China. The PhD is directed by Doctor Emilio Fernández Peña at the UAB Department of Audiovisual Communication and Advertisement.