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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
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Research support technical staff

Meet the team

Maria Garcia Sola

Marina Garcia Solà

Graduate in Psychology and Master in Psychology of Physical Activity and Sport by the UAB. A member of the Sport Psychology Study Group, he currently works as a Specialist Technician in Research Support. The main areas of interest are: the dual career and its management, women's sport and the equality of the most vulnerable groups within the world of sport (e.g., LGTBIQ +, Women).   

Rocio Zamora

Rocio Zamora Sole


Graduate in Psychology (Universidad de Flores, Argentina) and Master in Psychology of Physical Activity and Sport (UAB). Member of the Research Group in Sport and Exercise Psychology (GEPE), currently works as a research support technician. Her main areas of interest are sports career transitions, dual career management and the development of adapted sports.

Tony Estrella

Tony Estrella

Graduated in Psychology from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Master's degree in Research in Clinical and Health Psychology (UAB). Member of the Research Group on Lifestyle, Sport and Health. Currently PhD student in the UAB Health and Sport Psychology program. His thesis focuses on the analysis of the healthy lifestyle with Machine Learning models. His interests are specific lifestyle behaviours (sleep, diet, physical activity and stress management) and Artificial Intelligence applied to health.