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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Sport Research Institute UAB

Sport at the UAB

In recent years, the UAB has seen recognition of its efforts to boost the quality of teaching, to attract international talent and to obtain a growing impact from research, resulting in a progressive rise among the most prestigious and influential international rankings.

Sport is a sector with increasing economic and social importance. The sports sector is gaining increasing importance in the GDP of many countries and represented 2% of the GDP and 1.2% of the GVA of the Catalan economy (2013). The European Commission, in the White Paper on Sport, recognizes the importance of physical activity and sport, its social function and its positive influence in health and economy. Thus, it has become an area of great new opportunities in public and private research convocations.

For the last 30 years, at the UAB, there has been an emerging tradition of research, training and transfer on sport dispersed in various initiatives. According to the QS Ranking, in 2018 the UAB was among the top 100 universities in sports research and training.

The UAB has the UAB Physical Activity Service, which has among its founding objectives the support of research and training at the university and manages the sports support program (Tutoresport).


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