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Academic collaborators

Meet the team

Saül Alcaraz

Saül Alcaraz Garcia


Doctor in Sports and Health Psychology from the UAB. Graduate in Psychology, with a Master's Degree in Research in Sports Psychology and Physical Activity from the UAB. Lecturer at the UAB, where he teaches at the undergraduate level and in the interuniversity Master in Sports and Physical Activity Psychology (UAB-INEFC). He has been a basketball coach for 13 seasons and a coach trainer for 9 years. His current research interests are the study of sports careers and mental health of athletes and coaches.

Adriana Angulo

Ariadna Angulo


Doctor in Sports and Health Psychology and graduated in Psychology from the UAB. Master in Methodology of Health and Behavioral Sciences (UNED, UAM and UCM). She currently works as a lecturer at the UAB and as a consultant to the Catalan Public Health Agency. Her research is multidisciplinary, focusing on psychometry and survey analysis.


Antonio Caparrós Pons

Sports performance and health

Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (2000) and PhD in Physical Activity and Sport (University of Barcelona, 2013). He is currently an interim professor in the Department of Health and Applied Sciences of the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia (INEFC). He is a member of the renowned research group SPARG (Sport Performance Analysis Group). His teaching and research are focused on high athletic performance and health, in particular load control in injury prevention and athletic performance.

Laura Carbonero

Laura Carbonero


PhD from the UAB, Physical Education teacher and graduate in Pedagogy. She is a lecturer at the UAB Faculty of Education. Her research field is Physical Education and Sports as a tool for social and educational inclusion. She is part of the Social and Educational Research Group on Physical Activity and Sport (GISEAFE) at INEFC-Barcelona and has participated in various studies on gender, health, values ​​and cooperation.

Alberto Carrio

Alberto Carrio Sampedro


Doctor in Law (University of Oviedo), Master in Sports Law and Master in Advanced European Studies. He is a lecturer in the Department of Law at Pompeu Fabra University. He has been a visiting professor at several universities. He has published several academic articles on equality and sport and rules in sport. He is deputy director of Fair Play magazine. Journal of Philosophy, Ethics and Sports Law.

Gonzalo Flores

Gonzalo Flores


Doctor in Physical Education didactics, Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports and Diploma in Physical Education Teaching. Member of the Research Group in Physical Education (GREF), Lecturer at the University of Vic and Visiting Professor at the UAB. His research lines are related to: a) Physical Education and intercultural Sports; b) Educational Gamification in the training of physical education teachers: c) Values in school sports and d) Bullying in sports.

Miguel Ángel García González

Miguel Ángel García González


Miguel A. García González is a Telecommunications Engineer since 1993 and Electronic Engineering PhD since 1998 from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) in Barcelona, Spain. He conducts research in the fields of electronic and biomedical instrumentation. He has experience in the analysis of ECG and heart rate variability as well as the processing of time series by time-domain, frequency-domain and nonlinear dynamic techniques. He is an Associate Professor at the Electronic Engineering Department of the UPC and he has co-authored more than 50 publications including articles and conference papers as well as 2 patents.

Jose Luis Perez Triviño

José Luis Pérez Triviño


Licenciado en derecho y filosofía por la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Master en Estudios Europeos (1990), Derecho Deportivo (2014) y International Sports Law Master (2018). Doctor en Derecho por la Universidad Pompeu Fabra. Actualmente es profesor titular (acreditado catedrático) del Departamento de Derecho de la Universidad Pompeu Fabra. Su investigación se centra en los problemas éticos y jurídicos del deporte. Ha publicado en numerosas revistas académicas y ha sido presidente y miembro de asociaciones internacionales, revistas y redes de investigación sobre aspectos legales y éticos del deporte.

Joan Pons

Joan Pons Bauzá


Lecturer at the UAB. Doctor in Health and Sports Psychology from the UAB. His main line of research is aimed at studying emotional management processes in the sports field (on and off the field). He actively participates as author and reviewer of peer-reviewed scientific publications and has participated in various national and international research projects focused along the lines of promotion of dual careers in high-performance sport and motivation towards the practice of physical activity among adolescents.

Jesus Portillo

Jesús Portillo Morillas


Graduated in Psychology from the UAB. Postgraduate degree in Sports Psychology at School Age and High Performance Sports Psychology at the UAB. Master in Research in Sports Psychology at the UAB. He has worked as a sports psychologist in professional basketball, rugby and hockey teams, among other sports. He works as a lecturer at the UAB linked to subjects related to Sports Psychology.  

Juan Ramos Castro

Juan Ramos Castro


Telecommunications Engineer (1992), and Doctor of Engineering (1997) from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Since 1997 he has been a full professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering at the UPC. Member of the Electronic and Biomedical Instrumentation group where he is responsible for the design of medical equipment and systems. Her research focuses on the development and design of instrumentation for biomedical and space applications. He is the co-author of more than 100 scientific publications and 7 patents.

Susana Regüela

Susana Regüela


Ph.D. Psychology. She is manager of the Education Area at the High Performance Center of Sant Cugat (CAR), where defines the strategic management, vision and supervising the lifestyle, dual career, transitions and holistic development for the 380 yearly full-board and half-board athletes, and other external athletes from Spanish and Catalan Federations. Susana collaborates with the Recognised Research Group Sports and Physical Activity (GEPE; 2017 SGR 751), and are partners in European projects such are Gold in Education and Sport (GEES), Be a Winner In Sport and Employment before and after athletic Retirement (B-WISER) or Dual Careers for Mental Health (DC4MH).

Gil Rodas Font

Gil Rodas Font


Degree in Medicine and Surgery from the UAB (1986), and Specialist in Physical Education and Sport Medicine (1989) and Doctor in Medicine (2002) from the University of Barcelona. He has been linked to the Center for High Performance Sports Studies of the Generalitat de Catalunya (1987-2002). He has participated in master's degrees, research projects and published more than 50 articles in scientific journals on sports medicine and psychology. He has been a doctor in the first football team of FC Barcelona and since the 2007-2008 season he has been a doctor in the first basketball team.