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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Sport Research Institute UAB

Postgraduate programs in Sport Career

IRE-UAB promotes postgraduate programs in Sport Career management and advice, a new profession in the sport industry that requires specific training with a comprehensive vision. Programs are run in collaboration with the Sant Cugat High Performance Center and INEFC, and with the participation of international universities and sporting centers.

Programs combine the theoretical-practical knowledge necessary to understand the models, approaches and trends in the management of sports careers, with experiential learning that provides an approach to how sports centers and clubs, and universities work, with on-site sessions and practical experiences.

The programs are aimed both at graduates who are interested in developing their career in the field of sports, as well as high-performance athletes and ex-athletes who do not have specific education and want to continue their professional career in the world of sport. They are taught in Spanish language.

Subjects taught in the first block of the master's degree can be taken as a specialization diploma in Sport Career Development, or as specialization courses in Sport Entourage and Sport Career Management.

Masters in Sport Career (part-time)
Comprehensive training in sport career management. Strategies, models and assistance tools for comprehensive, professional and international management of the sport career.
More information about the program (In Spanish).

Specialization Diploma in Sport Career Development (online)
Online training in sport career management. Strategies and models of assistance to athletes at an international level and how to carry out a comprehensive management of the sport career.
33 ECTS;
More information about the program (In Spanish).

Specialization Course in Sport Entourage (Online)
Basic training in sport careers, the elements that make up the sports environment and the current models of assistance to sport career on an international scale.
More information about the program (In Spanish).

Specialization Course in Sport Career Management (Online)
Online training in communication management, economic and legal advice, and prevention and health applied to high-performance sport.
More information about the program (In Spanish).


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