Facultat de Filosofia i Lletres

Emigra to present a project on early school leaving

On 17 January the UAB Migrations, Education and Childhood Research Group (Emigra) organises a seminar on early school leaving in Catalonia within the European context, in which researchers will be presenting the results of the project Reducing Early School Leaving in Europe Read more

Cromosomes Daban

Scientists Confirm that Chromosomes are Formed by Stacked Layers

A new study based on electron microscopy techniques at low temperatures demonstrates that, during mitosis, chromosome DNA is packed in stacked layers of chromatin. The research, published in EMBO Journal, confirms a surprising structure proposed by UAB researchers over a decade ago, but criticized due to the limitations of the technique used. Read more

Exposiciˇ de Neuromarketing

Exhibition on neuromarketing at the UAB

The exhibition “Neuromarketing: science, business and advertising. I can't get it out of my head!”, commissioned by Professor Pere Navalles was inaugurated on Thursday 10 January. The exhibition can be vistited until 15 February at the Exhibitions Hall of the Communication Library and General Newspaper Archives. Read more


The Dark Energy Survey completes its data collection mission

After six years of cataloguing hundreds of millions of distant galaxies, the Dark Energy Survey (DES) has finalised its data collection stage. The project is an international collaboration including the involvement of the IFAE and the Institute of Space Studies of Catalonia, located on the UAB campus. Read more

AMB_Tarifa Plana Metropolitana

Taking public transport to the UAB just got cheaper

Starting on 1 January 2019, travelling to the UAB from Barcelona and the metropolitan area will cost between 26% and 49% less thanks to a new ATM flat rate to be shared by all municipalities of the Barcelona metropolitan area.

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NanoEduca awarded National Prize for Scientific Communication

The NanoEduca programme, with the involvement of the UAB, was awarded the 2018 National Prize for Scientific Communication, granted by the Government of Catalonia and the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation for "introducing nanoscience and nanotechnology to upper secondary education students and teachers".

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