Material metamagnètic

Nanoneedles to increase the capacity and robustness of digital memories

Researchers have developed a new technique to locally modify the properties of a metamagnetic material. The method consists in applying local pressure to the surface of the material using nanometric needles and allows an easy and local modification. The research opens the door to a more accurate and precise control of magnetic materials, and can improve digital memories.

Investigadors de l'INc

Significant differences exist among neurons expressing dopamine receptors

An international collaboration with the participation of the INC has shown that neurons expressing dopamine D2 receptors have different molecular features and functions, depending on their anatomical localization within the striatum. The research, conducted with mouse models and published in Nature Communications, opens the door to develop better treatments for diseases in which dopamine is altered, such as schizophrenia, addictions and Parkinson’s disease. 

Campus buit. Gespa.

The UAB is working on a gradual return to campus

The University will continue to work remotely in all areas in which on-site presence is not essential while the exceptional nature of this health crisis persists and will allow some laboratory and scientific and technical services which cannot be conducted remotely to be conducted on campus.


 Presentation of the UAB

The UAB in 15 minutes!

Want to discover the UAB like when schools come to visit us on campus... but without having to step outside and in just 15 minutes? If you come closer to the screen, you'll be able to smell the grass!



Interview with students volunteering during COVID-19

Communication Studies' student Ana Figueras and Physiotherapy student Javier Álvarez are volunteering in the COVID-19 support programe at the Vall d'Hebron Hospital. They talk about their experiences here.