Job insecurity among young adults continues to grow

A recently published study by the UAB Centre for Demographic Studies calculates for the first time the years in which young adults aged 30 to 39 in Spain have lived in precarious conditions, comparing the results with 22 other generations. The research concludes that the number of years young adults in Spain have lived with precarious job conditions has not stopped growing in the past 30 years. Read more

Jornada pre-llançament de la sonda BepiColombo a Mercuri

The IMB-CNM organises a pre-launch event on the BepiColombo mission to Mercury

On Friday 19 October at 12 noon, the d'octubre, a les 12h, the Barcelona Microelectronics Institute branch of the National Microelectronics Centre (IMB-CNM, CSIC), located on the UAB campus, will offer an information session previous to the launching of the BepiColombo mission, with talks from experts who participated in the project. The space probes include components manufactured at the Bellaterra campus. Read more