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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Sport Research Institute UAB

Research visitors

The Sport Research Institute UAB has a visitor programme which supports scholars and postgraduate students who wish to visit the Institute for a limited period to study or undertake research on topics aligned with the Institute current research lines.


  • Academic Visitors. Academics from other universities will be awarded an Academic Visitor status. Academics can hold a grant or fund their stay by their own means.
  • Student Visitors. Students from outside the UAB working on a PhD or Master thesis can request a stay at the Institute. They will be awarded with a status as Student. They can hold a grant or fund their stay by their own means.
  • Visiting Fellows. Visiting Fellowships or post-doctoral researchers holding a grant will be awarded to academics to undertake research at the Institute for a period over 14 weeks.

Those interested will be requested to apply to the programme and submit the following documents by e-mail to ire@uab.cat:

  • A completed visitors application form. Includes information on the research, a work plan, the sending institution supervisor and proposed dates.
  • An academic CV.
  • A supporting reference from the applicant’s supervisor (for students) or an academic (for academic visitors and visiting fellows).
  • Proof of funding approval from external organisations (including funding organisation, amount, funded period).

Applications will be evaluated by a commission according to the following criteria: 

  • Alignment with the Institute’s research lines.
  • Availability of an internal sponsor.
  • Academic collaboration between the hosting and sending institution.
  • Visit funded through a grant programme or scheme.
  • Visit purpose linked to an International Doctoral Research Component or funded R+D project. 

Applicants would be notified of the result briefly after all required documentation has been submitted. 

Visitors will have a “sponsor” within the Institute, i.e. a senior researcher who is interested in their project and who will be their main point of contact. Researchers will have full access to UAB scholarly resources and a shared office space at the Institute. 

It is expected that applicants will provide their own direct financial support (salary, travelling), health insurance and computer. During their stay, it is understood that there might be short absences for conferences and other commitments, but their research programme must be their primary focus during the visit.


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