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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Sport Research Institute UAB

Research groups

The UAB Sports Research Institute brings together the research capital from different university research groups that have been working in sports and draws on the capital and know-how of other university research groups in other fields.

Centre d'Estudis Olímpics UAB


UAB Olympic Studies Centre

Founded in 1989, it conducts research, education, documentation and outreach activities in Barcelona and abroad. Its mission is to improve knowledge about how Olympic values, the Olympic Games as a global event and sport can contribute to creating a better society. For more information, you can visit their website.

Grup d’estudis de Psicologia de l’Activitat Física i l'Esport (GEPE)


SGR Sport and Exercise Psychology Research Group (GEPE) (2017 SGR 751)

Research Consolidated Group created in 1996, it has its origins in the research projects on coaching advice that Professor Jaume Cruz started in the 1980s. It is currently coordinated by Dr. Maria Carmen Viladrich. For more information, you can visit website.


Health & Sport Lab SGR Lifestyle, Sports and Health (2017 SGR 1701)

Research Consolidated Group created in 2005 and coordinated by Dr. Lluís Capdevila. The general objective is to develop and apply healthy lifestyle markers in different target populations: athletes, school-age children, the elderly, hospital patients such as those with chronic fatigue, and also in animal models. Strategies for health promotion are developed from the interdisciplinary study of the encouragement of healthy habits, such as the regular practice of physical exercise, eating behavior and stress control.

Apart from these research groups, the UAB academic staff members of the Institute are part of other consolidated research groups:

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