Evaluation through credit compensation

Curriculum assessment through credit compensation

Grades are compensated between subjects of the same degree.


  1. You must have used up the number of regular enrolments allowed at the UAB as established in the regulation governing the maximum period of study.
  2. Only if by passing the subject you finalise your studies, you will not be required to have used up the number of regular enrolments.
  3. If you apply for compensation for an optional subject, it is mandatory that you finalise your studies by passing this subject.
  4. You must have obtained a score of 3.5 or higher in one of the exam sittings.
  5. The assessment through credit compensation can be requested only once throughout your studies.You may not apply for compensation for your final project or work placement.
  6. Only one subject will be compensated for, and up to a maximum of 12 credits.
  7. The dean or director of each centre will be responsible for assessing the applications, always according to the requirements here stated.
  8. Application and assessment periods are established by the UAB academic and administrative calendar.
  9. All subjects passed using credit compensation will be added to the academic record of each student when the subject is globally closed, or after this closing date, if the decision is taken later.
  10. The qualification of the subject will be 'pass' and it cannot be used for validation in other UAB degrees. All subjects passed using credit compensation will be included in your academic transcript with a score of 5 (on a 0-10 scale).
  11. The student will have to be enrolled in the subject he is asking the compensation for in the same academic year he is making the application for.