Students coming to the UAB

Students coming to the UAB


Students from abroad who come to the UAB through an exchange programme must enrol in the centre in which they will be studying. Enrolment is free regardless of the studies you are taking as long as you fulfil all academic requirements. Your enrolment with be made with a special code.

The pre-enrolment form must be signed by your exchange programme coordinator or the person assigned to you as tutor in your home university.

If you are interested in taking courses at other centres, but no places are available, you will need to be granted authorisation by your exchange coordinator or tutor, who will request written consent by the vice-dean for academic affairs of the centre in which you wish to take these courses.

Once you have enrolled, you will be considered a full UAB student and you will have the right to attempt to pass modules the number of times stated in the règim de permanència.


The qualifications you receive will be included in a different document from that of your official studies. This is the document you will need to certify your studies at the UAB.

The centre will give you all necessary certifications according to your programme's requirements.