According to these regulations, when a student cannot continue with their undergraduate degree, they can only repeat their studies if they are admitted as a graduate from another degree (via pre-enrolment) or if they apply for a change in studies (you have to apply for this at the university).

Students who are admitted to the UAB from other universities will adhere to the UAB regime of continuity upon admission. Their previous trajectory will not be taken into account.

Students with disabilities or exceptional situations
The UAB must ensure that this regulation is applied adequately to students with special needs, through the assessment of each individual case and the adoption of specific measures.

Appeals based on the application of this regulation
Appeals related to the application of this regulation will first be resolved by the dean or director of the centre.

An appeal can be filed against the decision of the dean or director with the rector of the UAB, who makes the final decision after being informed by the Board of Trustees and having evaluated the circumstances and the teaching centre's report.

The rector's decision is final. Therefore, any student wishing to file an appeal against the rector's decisions must file it under contentious-administrative proceedings.

Transitory provision for undergraduate and graduate students who began their studies before the 2015/16 academic year
This regulation is applicable to students of bachelor's and master's degrees who began their studies before the 2015/16 academic year under the following provisions:

- Provisions related to the maximum period of study and maximum number of enrolments are applied starting in the 2015/16 academic year.

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Royal decree 1393/2007 of 29 October 2007, which established the Planning of official university studies was abrogated by Royal decree 822/2021 of 28 September 2021, which established the organisation of university teaching and the procedure for quality control.