Personal information management

Personal data management

Tractament de dades personals – RGPD

Authorisation to transfer personal data within the academic context

Personal data processing is carried out at the UAB with the consent of the data subjects, in order to perform contracts and agreements, defend the vital interests of data subjects or other persons, comply with legal obligations, exercise the university's competences and powers as a public institution, or further its own legitimate interests or those of third parties.

Personal data are only disclosed to third parties when this is permitted or mandatory in law. Data subjects are informed about data transfer when enrolling at the UAB and/or when completing other administrative formalities. This transfer is mandatory in some cases but, in others, data subjects need to give their express permission for their personal data to be processed.

Data subjects may modify the transfer on the page Online services and formalities within any of the options available to students in the section "my profile".

To access these, you need a UAB NIU (university ID number) and password.

  • If you are at present a UAB student or have been one, you have a NIU and you remember your password, go directly to the application form.
  • If you are at present a UAB student or have been one, but you do not remember your NIU and/or you do not remember your password, fill in all your personal details again to recover these.