Contributions for Curricular Work Placements

Contributions for Curricular Work Placements

Following a change in the law, from the month of January 20234 all student undertaking curricular work placements must make contributions to the Spanish Social Security system. The university is responsible for the management and cost of these contributions in the case of unpaid curricular work placements. When work placements are remunerated both the management and the cost of contributions will be the responsibility of the organisations in which students undertake the placements.

To be able to manage registrations for the contribution periods you need to have a Spanish Social Security Number (NUSS) and this needs to appear on your academic record. Please check the personal details held by the UAB and update your NUSS.

On the website of the Spanish Social Security system the acronym NSS is used, which is the same as the NUSS which appears in our databases for managing your academic record.

If you have questions about NUSS or contributions, you can contact the General Treasury of Social Security on telephone numbers 915410291 and 901502050. It is necessary to choose the “citizen” option.

How to update your NSS on your academic record

Go to the option “Consulting and Reprinting the registration document” on the web page On the top right you will see your name. Go to the option “My profile” on the drop-down menu. There you will find your personal details, among them your NSS. If you see the number is already there you don’t need to do anything else. If the field is blank you should fill in your number and save it before you exit the page.  

If you do not know your NSS or you do not have one you can follow the instructions provided by the General Treasury of the Social Security:

Find your NSS:

If you have a digital ID you can get information about your NSS in two ways:

  1. Social Security Number Accreditation Service on the Electronic Office of the Social Security and the Portal of the TGSS: Importass. You can access this service by SMS, Clave PIN, Cl@ve Permanente and e-certificate/DNIe.
  2. ‘Mi Carpeta ciudadana’ application. Using this application you can only view your NSS if you have used it to register with the Spanish Social Security system previously as an employee.
Assignment of an NSS:

If you do not have an NSS the UAB can apply for one for you, since the university has access to documentation about its students from other public administrations. This does not require your consent.

The NSS is obtained via an intermediation platform – a web service that has recently been made available by the General Treasury of the Social Security.