Electronic Personal Academic Certificate

Electronic Personal Academic Certificate

 Autosol·licitud certificats

You can request an electronic Personal Academic Certificate online through the link on the Online Services and Formalities page.

Once you have made your payment (by card), you can then download the certificate, print it and/or save it on your computer. Additionally, you will always have a copy available via the UAB's Electronic Office until the expiry date of the certificate itself, within three years of issue.

The electronic certificate is signed digitally, and its authenticity can be validated through the Electronic Office via the link at the foot of the document and also through the QR code on the bottom right of the same document.

Application Requirements

  • A UAB NIU and its associated password.
    • If you are at present a UAB student or have been one, you have a university ID number (NIU) and you remember your password, go straight to your application.
    • If you are at present a UAB student or have been one, but you do not remember your university ID number (NIU) and/or you do not remember your password, fill in your personal details again to recover them.
  • Carefully revise all your personal data at the time of formalising the application
  • A valid credit/debit card available for immediate use in payment.

Fees for the provision of academic and administrative services with regard to official studies are established by the Generalitat de Catalunya (the Catalan Government) for each academic year, through the Decree establishing fees for academic-service provision in Catalan public universities.

This can be made by credit or debit card.

Things to bear in mind:

The certificate is written in three languages (within the same document): Catalan, Spanish and English.

Certificate Model
Data from the academic transcript is certified only in accordance with the model of personal academic certificates established by the UAB. Partial studies are not certified.

Only data held on file at the UAB can be certified.

Authentication of academic e-certificates

Once you have the signed certificate you should send it to legalizaciones.cat@correo.gob.es, before the day of your appointment so that its authenticity can be verified.