Contact information and office hours of the Doctoral School

User Information

Due to current circumstances, attention to the user in person at the Doctoral School has been restricted to the following procedures:

  • Delivery of PhD certificates
  • Delivery of UAB certificates
  • CST delivery (to legalize)
  • Delivery of academic certificates (to legalize)
  • Passport certification

To facilitate your face-to-face appointment for these topics, you must connect to this application and request an appointment for "General procedures".

Unfortunately, as long as we do not recover full normality, the rest of the procedures must be done exclusively in a virtual way.

Remember that for any other procedure that you cannot solve with the information that you will find on our website, you can contact the following institutional addresses. Our customer service hours are from 10am to 1pm.


Contact information
Email address (in alphabetical order) Procedures Phone number Director of the Doctoral School +34935814044 Industrial Doctorate +34683143627 Admissions, preadmissions +34935814327
Requests for certificates of doctoral studies, for homologations of UAB studies abroad +34935813129 Procedures with the JP, Doctoral Commission, etc. +34935811255 Cotutelle (International joint supervision) +34683143627 Address where the documentation of the thesis defenses must arrive +34935814211 Economic issues: distribution of the doctorate budget, economic returns, etc. +34935868487 Suspensions of studies, changes of permanence regime, modification of personal data +34935868269 Address where the thesis defense forms must arrive +34935814211
Sigma, incidents, support
Registration of external thesis supervisors / academic tutors in Sigma
+34935813836 Enrollment, payments... +34935868269 Erasmus +34935868269 Teaching plan +34935814830 Quality, SGIQ, OQD, annual review of PhD programmes, changes of coordinators and designation of the CAPD... +34935814830 Review proceedings and extensions +34935868269 Official and own titles +34935813129 Director of the Doctoral School +34935814044 General thesis inquiries, changes of thesis supervisors / academic tutors, examining board member inquiries, etc. +34935814211

The commitment of this Doctoral School is to try to solve your question in a maximum of 72 hours. We have also prepared some frequently asked questions to make it easier for you to get answers to the most common questions. You will find them at the end of each section of our website.

The telephone response may be altered depending on the organization in person at the School. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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