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Similarity Detection (Turnitin)

If you are a thesis supervisor in any of the PhD programmes that participate in the second pilot test of the Turnitin similarity detection program, which are listed below:

  • Bioinformatics (1386)
  • Catalan Language and Literature and Theatre Studies (1310)
  • Chemistry (1250)
  • Clinical and Health Psychology (1195)
  • Cognitive Science and Language (1299)
  • Communication and Journalism (1221)
  • Comparative, Polítical and Social History (1242)
  • Computer Science (1239)
  • Environmental Science and Technology (1233)
  • Human Security and Global Law (1318)
  • Neurosciences
  • Politics, Policies and International Relations (1300)
  • Translation and Intercultural Studies (1251)

you must bear in mind that the PhD students to whom you direct the thesis must obtain the similarity detection report before starting the online deposit of their thesis. The student must manage this report before recording the online application for their thesis and will have to attach the report obtained from Turnitin, on the percentage of similarities, as an attached document in the online deposit. As a thesis supervisor, you must evaluate it and indicate and justify the similarities detected, if any, in your report as supervisor.

Below you will find a set of resources to help you learn more about this program:

You can consult, by following this link, the information provided to doctoral students before depositing their thesis.

If you are a thesis supervisor external of the UAB and you do not have an institutional email from the UAB, you need to contact