Business and Tecnology

Business and Tecnology Internships



The Faculty of Economics and Business Studies organizes the internships programme in companies and other institutions. The aim is that the students put into practice the knowledge acquired during their studies, through a training activity supervised by the faculty and performed in partner companies and other institutions.
The program generates added value to students and companies:

► Students practice the knowledge acquired during their undergraduate studies and acquire skills that facilitate their employability preparing them for the exercise of professional activities.
► Companies know students on these degrees, which will become at a very short- term skilled professionals, and have an impact on their learning.
The Internship Programme is specifically designed for fourth year students. Those who are interested will enrol a second semester optional subject of 18 ECTS (external internships).
Students are required to stay in the company 300 hours mínimum and 700 maximum. Weekly working time should be set at around 20 to 25 hours, in 12 weeks.
The Degree in Business and Technology combines knowledge of business administration and management and information systems. The training enables participation in the design, introduction and management of information systems in organisation so that they have a value and are aligned and integrated with the business objectives.
Students on the Degree in Business and Technology have the opportunity to do an external internship orientated to the subjects included in the degree:

► Business analysts in close collaboration with the systems analysts.
► Participation in the design, transition, operation and continuing improvement of services.
► Work on the development of internet-based business models.
► Work on information systems audits.
► Work on security audits.
► Work with project directors as project assistants or in projects offices.
► Support to IT consultants for business information systems.

Graduates act as a nexus between Technology and the management of organisations, given their training in:

► Technology (information systems, basic programming, data bases and web Technology etc.).
► Corporate management systems (ERP, CRM, SCM, Business Intelligence, etc.).
► Business management knowledge (human resources, processes, marketing, service management, accountancy, operations, logistics, etc.).

More information:

Daniel Blabia
Coordinator of Degree in Business and Technology and EiT internships

Phone. 93 728 7745