First year enrolment

You can now enrol from the comfort of your home

The UAB offers online registration for all first year students.

It’s easy to register on line. This step by step guide shows you how. You can also look at the information for your particular degree course  for more details of when and how you need to register at your faculty or school.

Do you want credits from vocational courses or other university courses to be recognised?

Important: if you want credits from courses you have already passed to be recognised see the relevant information for your particular degree course. There you will find out if you need to take any steps before beginning your online registration.

Required documentation

If you have been awarded any fee exemptions or discounts which you did not mention in the pre-registration you must digitize the accrediting documentation and send it via the documentation form for your faculty before enrolling. See here which fee exemptions or discounts you may be eligible for and the documentation you need to present in each case. If you have any questions, please contact your Academic Management Office.




Create a password for your Student ID

The UAB has assigned a Student ID number (NIU) to you and you will need this to register. The NIU is your personal identification number at the UAB, like a national ID or passport number and it allows you to access different services such as the online campus and the UAB email account. You should wait until you receive a welcome email from the UAB before clicking the following link find out your NIU and create a password for it: Creation of password for new students.

When can you register on line?

See the information for your particular degree course to find out the day and time from which you can register online and also the registration deadline. To make sure you don’t want to lose your place it is very important that you register on the day and at the time assigned to you. if you have any questions, the information for your particular degree course contains a contact for the Academic Management Office in your faculty or school.

Fee Payment

Payment of the registration fee is by standing order only and can be made in one or three instalments. You can find more information at payment options. Calculate your total fees and the amount of the instalments using the registration simulator. At the end of the enrollment you have to digitize the signed SEPA document and send it using the documents form of your faculty.

Register on line

Enter the application Self-registration of new undergraduates, using your NIU and password on the day and at the time indicated in the information for your particular degree course. For more information please consult the Online registration manual.


Any questions?

Consult the FAQ section on the UAB website or the Online registration manual for more information.

Contact us at the InfoUAB if you have any general questions about enrolment, or contact your faculty or school's academic administration office if you have specific questions about your bachelor's degree enrolment process. 

If you have any technical problems during the registration process please contact the Centre for Support and Assistance (CAS) of the UAB.

These are the telephone number and emails you may need for help with registration.