All the internship programmes



The Faculty of Economics and Business Studies offers their students the opportunity to put into practice their knowledge through internships in companies and organizations. This facilitates their integration and making contact with the labor market.

The internships are an activity of a formative nature developed by students in companies and institutions, both national and international. The main objective of external internships is to complement and put into practice the acquired knowledge and the competences developed in the subjects that make up the syllabus of the degree which the student is enroled.

Practical work placements do not derive from any obligation of a work contract, since the relationship established is academic. The internhsips are formalized by practical agreements, where the entailment of the parties involved is regulated, and rights and duties of both signatories: the student, the company or institution (joint entity) and the University. However, to ensure that this academic link is developed in an adequate manner and following the academic guidelines set by the UAB, each student has assigned two tutors: the tutor at the company, who is responsible for overseeing the student in the company, and the academic tutor, who looks after that the competences acquired in the company correspond to those stipulated in the student's degree.

Internships can be either EXTRACURRICULAR or CURRICULAR.