PUE Programme

PUE Programme


The Programa Universitat.Empresa Track (PUE) is an Educational Cooperation programme that provides the student with the possibility to apply the knowledge received at the University and facilitates its incorporation into the professional world by ensuring a minimum level of experience. The Programa Universitat.Empresa Track offers internships supervised by a tutor in companies and institutions for students of ADE and ECO Degrees in their 3rd and 4th year, previously selected according to their academic transcript and their personal profile and ability to carry out the necessary tasks in the training plan, without being contracted as part of the workforce.

The Specialisation in University-Enterprise Programme is obtained by those students who do the internship and teaching in accordance with the Programme:

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Programa Universitat - Empresa (PUE) 

Students who decide not to apply for the PUE programme in their second year, will no longer be able to do so later. Clearly, then they may choose the option of extracurricular internships through the UAB Employability Service.