Accounting and Finances

Accounting and Finances Internships


The Faculty of Economics and Business Studies organizes the internships programme in companies and other institutions. The aim is that the students put into practice the knowledge acquired during their studies, through a training activity supervised by the faculty and performed in partner companies and other institutions.


The program generates added value to students and companies:

► Students practice the knowledge acquired during their undergraduate studies and acquire skills that facilitate their employability preparing them for the exercise of professional activities.
► Companies know students on these degrees, which will become at a very short- term skilled professionals, and have an impact on their learning.
The Internship Programme is specifically designed for fourth year students. Those who are interested will enrol a second semester optional subject of 18 ECTS (external internships).
Students are required to stay in the company 300 hours mínimum and 420 maximum. Weekly working time should be set at around 20 to 25 hours, in 12 weeks..
The Degree in Accounting and Finance offers high level training in this field for all kinds of organisation. It also offers a good preparation for other areas of the company and the basic tools to be able to understand economics in general.
Students on the Degree in Accounting and Finance course have the opportunity to do an internship oriented towards the tasks that form the subject of the degree:
► Administrative, Accounting or Financial Management within any department of an organisation dedicated to the tasks of: controller, treasury management, risk analysis, production and closing of financial reports and accounts etc...
► Financial, tax and/or accounting consultancy for other firms, either self-standing or working for third parties. 
► Accounts auditing, both internal and external, examining financial statement to guarantee their reliability.
► Management of financial institutions: credit organisations, stock companies and agencies, Bank of Spain and Central Banks of other countries, etc...
► Investment and finance agencies both for company and trading purposes
► Accounting and finance management in NGOs.
Graduates can gain management skills in planning and control, especially in Accounting and finance departments where they have the opportunity to analyse economic situations in organisations using the Accounting and finance information, which they are also able to generate and present.

All the external internships are designed to include tasks that form part of the degree course. Of these external internships, 12 are remunerated and 18 are not.

Additionally there is the possibility to access to internships through a project presented by the student in accordance with a company. 10 internships are offered.

Students wishing to access to these 10 internships have to submit the project in accordance with the company. The period for submission of projects is from 01/10/14 to 07/11/14.

Admissions will be notified on the week from 10th to 14th November
On registering for the fourth year of the degree course, students may register for the optional internship subject. Where there is more demand than supply successful Applications will be based on the academic transcript.

More information:

Manel Álvarez
Coordinator of Degree in Accountacy and Finances and CiF Internships

Phone. 93 592 9710