List of official master's degree belonging to the field of business and economics
Name Type Places Modality
Account Auditing and Accounting 35 places


Applied Research in Economics and Business Official UAB 30 places Classroom-based learning
Data Science Inter-University
Economic Analysis Official UAB 25 places Classroom-based learning
Economic History Inter-University
Economics and Business Administration Official UAB 40 places Classroom-based learning
Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation Official UAB 25 places
European Union-China: Culture and Economy 80 places Face-to-face learning
Labour Economics Inter-University
Management, Organization and Business Economics Inter-University 30 places Face-to-face learning
Marketing Official UAB 40 places Classroom-based learning
QEM - Models and Methods of Quantitative Economics Erasmus Mundus 56 places
Specialized Economic Analysis Inter-University
Sport Management Official UAB 75 places. SPANISH: 29 places for presential modality and 320 places for on-line modality. ENGLISH: 26 places for on-line modality.