Official master's degree in Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation

Multidisciplinary, professionalisation training. This programme provides you with the tools needed to produce and evaluate ideas, and turn them into social transformation projects.

General information

The master's degree in Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation is aimed at emminently proactive people; with the ability to identify problems and propose alternative solutions, overcome difficulties and take decisions in a proactive manner; with the ability to interact, empathise, be supportive and act ethically; curious and non-conformist; open, transformative and at the same time creative.

To be admitted to this master's degree, your previous training should include a bachelor's degree from any of the following areas: Arts and the Humanities, Science, Engineering, Architecture, as well as Social Sciences and Law, and Health Sciences. 
The programme's academic proposal is fully cross-curricular.

In addition to the knowledge you acquired in your undergraduate training, an essential aspect to bear in mind is your social sensitivity. Issues related to transitioning towards a more sustainable economic model that is more equitable and focused on a common good are fundamental. Democratic and solidary values, a fair creation and distribution of wealth, gender equality and respect for diversity are values students are expected to hold in high standard. At the same time, these values must be implemented through professional practices, combining them with a proactive and transformative vocation in order to acquire sensitivity, knowledge and capacities, and put them to use as best possible in each student's future entrepreneurial skills.

Coordinator university:

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

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