University Master's Degree in Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation

Multidisciplinary, professionalisation training. This programme provides you with the tools needed to produce and evaluate ideas, and turn them into social transformation projects.

Admission Official Master's Degree in Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation

General calendar

From 13 January to 4 October 2023.
Each centre establishes its pre-registration periods within these dates, which may also vary.
Please check the master's degree admission dates in the specific section entitled “Teaching centre's admissions calendar".

Teaching centre's admissions calendar

  • Applications submitted from 13/01/2023 to 24/03/2023, expected resolution date: 14/04/2023. 
  • Applications submitted from 25/03/2023 to 31/05/2023, expected resolution date: 17/06/2023. 
  • Applications submitted from 01/06/2023 to 08/09/2023, expected resolution date: 14/09/2023
  • Applications submitted from 09/09/2023 to 22/09/2023, expected resolution date:25/09/2023

Important: if the result of your application is ‘Admitted’ or ‘Admitted with conditions’, paying the pre-enrolment fee would block your place. In case this payment is not made before the next expected resolution date, your application status will change to ‘Waiting List’.